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Evolve in counselling strives to offer counselling services for both young adults and adults. I am an experienced counsellor and have five years worth of experience working within mental health and support work.

I have a wealth of experience working with anxiety and relationship issues, particularly with younger people (18-30) 

Counselling to me is about evolving, taking that journey towards inner peace and being content with your life, understanding why you think, act and react the way you do and aknowledging your true self. 


Coming to counselling


I wonder what has made you consider the benefit's of counselling. The idea may feel daunting, not knowing what to expect and what it would be like sitting in front of a stranger to talk about yourself.

Well, it is perfectly okay to feel this way.

I strive to offer you a safe, calming and holding experience with me in the therapeutic relationship. This is achieved by me listening to you, engaging and reflecting back to you what you bring. I want to help you to explore and to understand your feelings and where your difficulties have their roots, such as your emotional reactions, identity confusion and attachments to people in your life in a non-judgmental and uncritical setting.



So, please explore my website to gain an understanding of who I am, what I offer and the approach in which I use. I will look forward to hearing from you!






I work from a safe and warm room within the Bedford Counselling and Training building (BCAT) based in Bedford. I am opposite the multi storey car park, so parking will be no issue.

For online counselling I offer both Zoom and Skype from a safe and warm location that is appropriate for counselling.


Telephone counselling is also an option from the same location as online work.


69-71 Gwyn Street 


MK40 1HH  




One of the safe and comfortable rooms where you will start your journey with me

My personal location where I will conduct our online and telephone work together

Contact Me:

Email: counsellingtoevolve@gmail.com


Call: 07516569004

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