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*At this moment in time I am providing my services online only
Hello there and a warm welcome


My name is Barry and I am an experienced counsellor who specialises in anxiety- be it generalised or a disorder- and with identity and self love/ body image issues which may come down to confusion of who you are or struggles in feeling positive and confident to be yourself, or having low confidence or worth and feeling as the saying goes 'small.' 


Who I am as Barry is who I am as a counsellor; warm, friendly, occasionally funny & human. With me, you can be you! All in a safe & non judgemental space where I will listen & allow you to express yourself with zero judgement & understanding, whatever your issues. We will build a therapeutic relationship where you will go at YOUR own pace in your own time. I have over five and a half years working both as a counsellor/ psychotherapist and as a support worker for both mental health and Learning Disabilities and difficulties.

How I see counselling/ Coming to Counselling


Counselling to me is about evolving, taking that journey towards inner peace and being content with your life, understanding why you think, act and react the way you do and acknowledging your true self. I believe that you as the client have the capacity to discover, grow and to evolve which will lead to a happy change in your life, all within a safe and non judgemental space providing you with a level of understanding which isn't always available to us in our daily lives. We don't always want to tell every Tom, Dick or Harry what's going on with us, and we may even worry that we will be judged or misunderstood, which can be a daunting concept. After all, how many times have we all heard our best friend tell us that we will be 'okay,' or that we should just 'break up' with them. They may mean well, but does this really help us? I wonder what has made you consider the benefit's of counselling. The idea may feel daunting, not knowing what to expect and what it would be like sitting in front of a stranger to talk about yourself.

Well, it is perfectly okay to feel this way.

I strive to offer you a safe, calming and holding experience with me in the therapeutic relationship. This is achieved by me listening to you, engaging and reflecting back to you what you bring. I want to help you to explore and to understand your feelings and where your difficulties have their roots, such as your emotional reactions, identity confusion and attachments to people in your life in a non-judgmental and uncritical setting. I also offer couples counselling which allows you and your partner to explore your issues together within a safe, non-biased and non judgemental setting.


So, please explore my website to gain an understanding of who I am, what I

offer and the approach in which I use. I will look forward to hearing from you!



At the moment I am unable to see you face to face due to a relocation, but am offering both online and telephone counselling. For online counselling I offer both Zoom and Skype, working from the comforts of from my home as with telephone counselling.
The procedure of counselling for both methods is exactly the same as it is for face to face work in that we will work on the same day of each week and at the same time, only via Zoom for online and on the telephone. Of course, we won't be physically there in the room together but both ways offer the same safe space and connection as face to face, allowing you to use the therapy as you would in the face to face scenario. 
  • All sessions run for the duration of 50 minutes

  • £50 per face to face session

  • £50 Zoom Counselling

  • £50 Telephone Counselling

  • £60 per face to face session for for couples

  • £60 Zoom counselling for couples

  • Concessional rates available for students

My Location: 
I have just recently relocated to Hastings in East Sussex, and at the moment I am working both online via zoom and on the telephone from a safe space within my home, but I soon be ready to see you face to face from the privacy of my own location!
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