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The psychodynamic approach
Psychodynamic Counselling uses a particular approach to counselling.
You may have wondered why you get anxious or angry or why you keep repeating patterns, whether it's choice of friends or partners. Perhaps you find yourself drawn to situations that aren't healthy or you feel bad about yourself resulting in shame, anger or even attacks on the self.
The psychodynamic approach aim's to help you to make sense of how the past shapes you as a person in the present, to help understand what it going on beneath the surface and to help you understand the reasons for emotions such as anger, upset and fear as well as many others. The method allows you to make links to the past and to understand patterns of behaviour and mood, all allowing an insight into you as a person. This will help you to make sense of yourself in the world and will pave the way for positive change.

But at the end of the day, there is no right or wrong way to conduct therapy. The space provided is yours to use as you wish. You may want to just speak about what we refer to as 'general' stuff, such as frustration with work or with a relationship, or even just a 'bad day' that you may have had.
Either way, the sessions are YOURS to use entirely how you wish to. 
Ultimately, my aim is to guide you towards inner peace, positive change and a deeper understanding of yourself whilst working constantly in a free and non restricted space where you will never be judged. We will together embark on your journey and will do so within the therapeutic alliance which lies within the Frame that I will set. 

As I always say, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


"The brain is wider than the sky."


Emily Dickinson


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