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About Barry

So, a little about me.
Who I am as a person defines who I am as a counsellor. I am warm, open, natural and occasionally funny- or so I like to think! I feel that being human is essential for you as you're getting to know me in my entirety and in the room, this allows for a healthy and safe relationship between us both, paving the way for us to build a therapeutic alliance.

Throughout life I have experienced high levels of anxiety, internal pain and feelings of hopelessness. But therapy helped me to come to terms with these problems and eventually to be free of them. And this is why I am a counsellor; I want to help you to overcome your demons and troubles and become full, content and able to embrace a happier life because you deserve it and you can achieve it!
Counselling with me will offer you the confidentiality and safety that you require all with a non biased and thoughtful approach to how you feel and what you wish to achieve from the experience, all within an environment which is yours totally to use as you wish.
I am a fully qualified psychodynamic counsellor qualified at both National and Advanced Diploma level.
I am also a proud registered member of the BACP counselling body. 
I completed my five years training with 'The Counselling Foundation', located in Bedford, Bedfordshire. I obtained a Foundation Certificate in Counselling Skills, a 2 year National Diploma and finally a 2 year Advanced Diploma and am now a proud associate, working both clinically and providing assessments. I also have experience in mental health support work with autism and learning disabilities.
I believe that it is never possible to have too much training and knowledge, and so therefore am always looking to learn new things.
There are no scripts, rights or wrongs to my counselling sessions; you have the space to use however you see fit.

I offer face to face, online and telephone counselling. 
Face to face fees are £35 per 50 minute sessions.
Online and telephone fees are £35 per session.
Concession rates dependable.

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